Deji’s punch stats vs Floyd Mayweather compared to Conor McGregor & Logan Paul

When it was announced that DejiThe younger brother of the YouTuber-boxer KSIHe was also going to enter the arena Floyd MayweatherVery few gave him a chance.

They follow a list of crossover stars to come Boxing And the challenge includes ‘Money’ Mayweather Conor McGregor And Logan Paul.

While exhibition fights are mostly crowd pleasers, many people have great performances against Mayweather, Dezi was stopped in the final round and Logan Paul went the distance against the legendary boxer.

What are Deji’s punching stats against Floyd Mayweather?

Dezi managed to land 25 punches on Mayweather over six rounds, though, with many suggesting the American wasn’t taking the fight seriously.

Fans accused him of dancing between rounds and getting out of punches and missing strikes on purpose.

However, Deji’s 25 punches were respectable as Logan Paul only managed three in their eight round fight against Floyd in June this year.

What did Floyd Mayweather say after Dezi vs.

After the fight, Daisy was keen to emphasize how happy she was with the fight before praising Floyd’s performance.

Deji’s Punch Stats vs. Floyd Mayweather Compared to Conor McGregor and Logan Paul

“It takes a lot of time to get in the ring, I’m proud of myself for doing it because initially I was scared to do this fight with Floyd. Look at me now, I’m here with a big smile on my face.

“His punch placement was very good and his accuracy was immense, he was very slick. I caught him, but I doubted it a bit in the ring, I was getting the flow of things over time.

Dezi managed to give Floyd Mayweather a black eye during the match, though, Floyd was quick to laugh it off in post-match interviews, saying the black eye was better because it added to the entertainment of the fight.

“That’s cool, you guys wanted to see a little something. I had to close the gap and that’s what happens when you close the gap. I’m glad Deji got a good shot. It’s part of the struggle, it’s part of the entertainment. Everyone wants to see entertainment and we gave it to them.

Deji's Punch Stats vs. Floyd Mayweather Compared to Conor McGregor and Logan Paul
Deji’s Punch Stats vs. Floyd Mayweather Compared to Conor McGregor and Logan Paul

How do Deji and Logan Paul compare to Conor McGregor?

Both YouTubers managed the same number of strikes against one of the greatest boxers of all time, but neither of their totals came close to that of the infamous one.

Conor McGregor made his boxing debut in 2017 against Mayweather in an epic crossover between the two fighting stars. The Irishman landed an impressive 111 punches against Mayweather, 30 more than the iconic boxer. Manny Pacquiao Performed seven years ago.

YouTube crossovers to boxing are becoming more and more common, but it seems Conor McGregor still has a long way to go to match, even outside of his natural environment. UFC the cage

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