Deadpool 3’s Shawn Levy Teases Disney Film’s “Hardcore” Violence – The Hollywood Reporter

Deadpool 3 Director Shawn Levy has every intention of maintaining the same level of carnage that fans have come to expect from the first two films in the Ryan Reynolds-led franchise.

Levi gave an update Collider A third about the process of working with Reynolds and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick Deadpool The film, finally brings the foul-mouthed superhero into the fold of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe and is set to release on November 8, 2024. Levy is new to the franchise and follows Tim Miller and David, who directed the 2016 original. Leitch, the helmer behind the 2018 sequel.

“We are writing, rewriting, developing, preparing Deadpool Every day now,” Levy said. “It’s such a blast to laugh every day. It’s so delicious to hear and write and come up with these scenes where people talk bad. And the violence is in your face and hardcore, and it’s so a Deadpool movie.”

Filmmaker who recently directed Reynolds free man And The Adam Project, noted that having Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in the mix made him even happier. Levy confirmed that the film is likely to start shooting sometime around May 2023, and that he and Reynolds want the character to remain “raw, gritty, grounded.”

“I’m having so much fun and I’m not even on the shooting floor yet,” Levy said. “I have to say, developing Deadpool The film was one of the most fun creative experiences of my life not only because it was rated R. It’s full of self-awareness and in a way unique to that franchise that makes the writing so much fun. .”

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said earlier The Hollywood Reporter The third installment would allow the previous two to expand Deadpool movies. “That’s how we elevate it as best we can civil war And Infinity War And Ragnarok?” said Feige. “It’s so fun to be in the world of the Ryan Reynolds show.”

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