Dark Star Unveils Sasquatch Horror ‘Summoning the Spirit’ – The Hollywood Reporter

Bigfoot is coming to AFM. LA distributor Dark Star Pictures and Lake Productions have now wrapped principal photography. Summoning the soulThe newly announced Portland-based “Sasquatch Horror,” debuts at the American Film Market with Silk Road Entertainment.

Written and directed by John Garcia, who previously teamed up with Dark Star on the LGBTQ prison drama Luz And a covid-shot romance Love in dangerous times, Summoning the soul Follows a couple (played by Crystal Millie Valdes and Ernesto Reyes) who move to a remote forest home to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Although they have big plans for their new quiet life, they soon find something more sinister and realize they are in a land occupied by a cult, and the hero claims a telepathic connection with a flesh-eating beast deep in the forest around them. . Jessie Taye and Isabelle Muthiah also star.

Dark Star president Michael Repsch and Garcia are joined by Joe Zatko, Lacy Todd and executive producers Carla Berkowitz (Critical Thinking), six-time Tony Award winner Jim Keirstead, three-time Emmy nominee William Fernandez and Michael Rubin.

“It’s great to work with John Garcia again on his genre filmmaking, after reading the script we knew this was a project we could really get on board with,” said Repsch. “It’s more than your typical creature feature – it explores the depths of the human psyche, the thirst for power and the desire to control…all with some incredible practical effects and creatures audiences won’t soon forget.”

The collaboration between Lake Productions and Dark Star Pictures in the production of the film is the first of many projects between the two companies.

This story first appeared in the Nov. 3 daily issue of The Hollywood Reporter on American Film Market.

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