Danny Trejo to Receive Experience, Strength and Hope Award for 2021 Memoir – The Hollywood Reporter

Danny Trejo will soon be an award-winning memoirist.

The veteran actor, restaurateur and Los Angeles superstar will be honored with the Writers in Treatment Experience Strength and Promise Award for his book Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption and Hollywood. The honor – named after a famous saying in 12-step groups – is given annually to “a person who has written a memoir about their career and a brutally honest journey from addiction to a clean and sober life.”

Last year’s recipient, KTLA anchor, Courtney Friel, will present to Trejo. Also on program Host Ed Begley Jr., head comedian Paula Poundstone, performer Philip Lawrence, presenter Joanna Cassidy and actor James Black present a spoken word show. TNT’s Major Crimes star Tony Denison will present the annual REEL Recovery Film Festival Audience Favorite Award Fructus To filmmaker Evan York.

“We are thrilled to honor the one and only Danny Trejo, who bravely poured his heart out in his autobiography,” said Leonard Lee Bushell, co-founder of Writers in Treatment. “The past few years have been challenging for those in need of sobriety. By lending his inspiring and influential voice to the fight, Mr. Trejo has inspired countless people to seek help as they begin their journey to recovery.

The event is scheduled for Dec. 7 at the Skirball Cultural Center with a specific dress code: “No gowns, no tuxes, no UGGS.” Founded in 2008 by author and addiction expert Leonard Lee Bushell and director Robert Downey, Sr. Writers in therapy Produces and presents events dedicated to the concept “treatment works and recovery is possible”.

The event is presented by Guest House Ocala sponsors with additional support from KBI Recycling, Trauma and Beyond Center, J. Flowers Health, Social Model Recovery Systems and the Addiction/Recovery Bulletin.

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