Byron Saxton’s perfect commentary for Kofi Kingston’s WrestleMania title win

Byron Saxton may be a comedy butt both on-screen and off-screen but he is a valued member WWE and deserves enormous credit for his commentary Kofi KingstonA stunning WWE title win at WrestleMania 35.

The title win was the culmination of a “CoffeeMania” storyline largely driven by fan support for The New Day member and beloved WWE Superstar. The victory came over Daniel Bryan of all people, which made it even more special. Two wrestlers who defied the odds.

More than that, it’s a major milestone in Kofi’s 11-year WWE journey, the black history in the company and African wrestling.

First, Kofi was a tag specialist five years ago and had seemingly moved beyond being a big-time singles wrestler with the last of his four Intercontinental titles coming in 2012 and the last of his three United States titles for the year. After.

His title success made him the second black wrestler to win the WWE Championship Stone is rock. The likes of Booker T and Mark Henry have won the World Heavyweight title but the WWE belt has always been the most valuable and richest prize on earth.

Having moved to the US from his native Ghana at a young age, he remains the only African-born wrestler to win a championship.

Byron Saxton perfectly captures the scale of the achievement, and it’s a poignant feeling to be called a black man even at such a momentous moment. It stands alongside the best calls in WWE commentating history.

Watch this special moment for yourself below (clip shared on Twitter). @jessitebakeye)

Saxton ties in Bryan’s perspective as an expert on what the WWE title symbolizes and what it means to Kofi, giving a heartfelt and true overview of exactly what was accomplished.

His words ring true and show what WWE and wrestling as a whole should be. Along with sports and entertainment, dreams can come true and giving hope to others. That’s why Kofi’s win meant so much.

The reaction of Kofi’s teammates and brothers Big E and Xavier Woods further confirms this. It was a big moment for Kofi, but for black wrestlers as a whole.

Kofi Kingston

Since Kofi’s title win, E has joined him as the Black WWE Champion. His victory came against Bobby Lashley, now a two-time champion. That means four out of the last eight WWE Champions have been black. This is remarkable in the grand scheme of things.

That’s why Kofi’s win ranks among our greatest World Title wins in WWE history.

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