Brutal hashtag about Superstar trends during show

During Saturday Smackdown Women’s Championship match against Shotzi Blackheart at Survivor Series war games, Ronda Rousey She successfully defended her title.

Despite her victory, #FireRondaRousey started trending on Twitter during last night’s episode raw And the US also breached the top 10, showing huge chunks WWE The universe is not happy with her.

Rousey joined the WWE in 2017 and has since become very successful UFC Career and won an Olympic Judo bronze medal.

She grew huge wrestling fan and when she joined the company, she was the perfect novelty act for the sport. Since then, he has won several titles, with Saturday another example of his recent dominance in the ring.

So, why is #FireRondaRousey trending?

A brutal hashtag about Ronda Rousey

Well, first of all, her novelty has worn off. A bit of stiffness can be forgiven when first starting out, but now we’re five years down the line and Rousey has yet to play her role convincingly.

On Saturday, she was part of a botched DDT and again her dialogue and general mic work failed to hit the mark. This has led fans to accuse her of lacking passion; A very important show for wrestling is still missing.

Image: Ronda Rousey is trending for the wrong reasons

Throughout much of the fight, fans chanted for the former champion’s return Sasha Banks. In a now-deleted tweet, Rousey hit it off by saying Banks ran away.

As often happens when a trend starts, Twitter had a field day with the content and memes and comments started popping up all over the place.

A particularly brutal putdown of Rousey can be seen via TikTok shared by Jdfrommy. In the 45-second clip, the user cites several reasons for his opinion, which again focuses on the lack of passion and performance portrayed by the ex-UFC star.

“She feels nothing is the most important thing in the world.”

A damning statement when it comes to the WWE world, arguably the ability to get an audience going is more important than actual wrestling ability.

Why do WWE fans hate Ronda Rousey?

When it comes to wrestling, Rousey may be the most talented fighter out there, but when it comes to portraying her fight convincingly, she looks wooden.

This, combined with her lack of ringside spark and recent string of fights, has led to a growing backlash against her.

So far, this trend is still too young to make any significant mark on WWE’s plans, but as the upset grows, Rousey’s place at the top may become less stable.

Who knows, we might see a shocking comeback from Sasha Banks to reclaim her crown.

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