Brock Lesnar breaks character because of ringside fan’s shouting

Brock Lesnar is one WWEThe most terrifying characters.

Known as “The Beast Incarnate”, Lesnar was a constant main attraction during what fans came to call the “Ruthless Aggression Era” of WWE.

“The Beast” is a true athlete with incredible strength and movement. WWE, where he won the World Championship at just 25 years old and reigned as Universal Champion for 504 days, Lesnar was the former UFC Heavyweight champion and former professional American football player.

He is known for his suplexes and his favorite finisher, the F-5. A fearsome model with an unbreakable game face.

However, recently this personality has changed.

After returning to WWE in August 2021, he adopted a cowboy/farmer look and interacted more with fans at ringside.

However, one fan went one step further and broke his character.

WWE: Brock Lesnar breaks character to boos from ringside fans

Brock Lesnar breaks character

A fan footage video of Lesnar responding to a fan comment circulates. As “The Beast” returns to the ring, a fan calls out to him, yelling: “Brock, that’s enough…rub some dirt on it…you won’t get hurt!”

And Lesnar can clearly be seen turning to the fan smiling. Many commented on the video saying the fan was either too brave or too stupid for calling out “The Beast”.

Others saw it as evidence of Lesnar’s new persona, commenting that he seemed to be enjoying his babyface run in WWE. Others say it shows that behind the mask he adopts as a top athlete, Lesnar is a real person, with one fan suggesting the reason he hasn’t interacted more in the past is because he’s naturally introverted.

VIDEO: Brock Lesnar breaks character due to fan chants

Other fans attributed Lesnar’s smile to “rubbing some dirt on it,” which were typical words he heard during his upbringing, whether he was playing sports or working on his parents’ farm. It’s a fair bet that Lesnar has worked through a number of painful shots in his varied sports career.

What is Brock Lesnar’s WWE future?

Lesnar has been absent from WWE programming since the loss Roman Dominion In WWE Summerslam on July 30th and it may be a while until we see him again.

WWE often features Lesnar at major pay-per-views and stadium events. He is currently not on the card for Crown Jewel 2022 in Saudi Arabia on November 5. The 45-year-old is expected to return either side of the New Year.

He recently appeared completely clean shaven, which means when he gets back in the ring, it might be with a new look. Or perhaps revert to their original personality.

Whatever happens, it is unlikely to fade.

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