Bray Wyatt threatens staff for interrupting him mid-promo

Bray Watt was on SmackDown Again last night, as the layers of his personality began to emerge again, a darker side reared its ugly head, threatening members of the production team for interrupting him in the middle of a promotion.

Since his return WWE At Extreme Rules in October, Bray Wyatt was the talk of the town and a regular feature on SmackDown’s weekly programming, and his masterful storytelling lit up the screen.

Here we see a different side to him, where he seems to be sharing his true thoughts and feelings, as well as feeling guilty for his past sins.

However, the last two episodes have seen this new chapter in their story take a dark and intriguing turn.

What did Bray Wyatt do on SmackDown?

He mentioned the segment last week after he was interrupted by the mysterious Uncle Howdy while he was cutting a passionate, genuine and heartfelt promo to the WWE Universe.

The former leader of The Wyatt Family said how difficult it is to show his emotions to the world, and that being dark and fearful enough to hinder Uncle Howdy had a similar effect.

This then brought the crew member into the frame to make his own interruption, and Wyatt revealed that he was struggling to control his dark urges.

Video: Bray Wyatt Attacks Smackdown Crew

He admitted that these feelings were telling him to grab the poor man’s head and smash it against that cement wall.

The former WWE Champion then asked the victim of the verbal abuse to say sorry, which he accepted, and the man was thankfully sent on his less than happy way, albeit unscathed.

The most interesting thing about this is that despite being face to face with a person from said production team, the former happy-go-lucky Firefly Funhouse narrator seems to be talking to someone else.

Perhaps he was speaking to his inner urges? Or was he talking to an ominous figure who seemed to have a bra in the palm of his hand?

A segment of Wyatt’s new butterfly-like logo flashes across the screen, with more spooky images and parts of Uncle Howdy’s face like we saw on last week’s edition of SmackDown.

Wherever this story may go next, one thing for sure is that we are in for a ride with this story arc.

What happens next in the story of Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy?

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