Becky Lynch brawl spilled into WWE arena concourse and it was chaos

Becky Lynch returned to WWE Loud and she does not hold back her enemies.

Also fresh off her win at Survivor Series Bianca Bellaire And the team, The Man, gave it great publicity Monday night Raw And the crowd totally covered it.

It was a wonderful moment between Lynch and the fans, especially after the massive pop during his time Smackdown come back

However, the good vibes were interrupted by Damage CTRL, who launched a three-on-one attack that spilled into the arena concourse.

What happened on Monday Night Raw?

Lynch opened the show and took a few seconds to applause and cheers from supporters. She wasn’t in the ring long before she decided to hop right into the crowd to be with the fans.

Man took time to walk around the audience area before stopping to chat up close and personal with a couple of fans. But the fence Crashing the party and the two delivering a fiery back-and-forth, Lynch received full support from the crowd.

As she went back down the steps to face the fence inside the ring, Dakota Kai and IYO Skye covered Lynch from behind.

The trio found themselves brawling among the fans and Bayley soon got into the mix as well.

Video: Watch Becky Lynch fight CTRL damage in chaotic scenes on WWE Raw

Damage CTRL followed Lynch into the concourse where other fans were still in line.

The Man used anything he could get his hands on to repel the three heels, including a fan’s sign and plenty of options from the official WWE merchandise stand.

Soft toys were thrown, chains were used and Bayley even grabbed a Money in the Bank lunch box to beat Lynch from behind.

Finally, security personnel arrived to make the situation worse.

The role model has since taken to Twitter to take another swipe at Lynch.

“More arrogant than Bianca Bellaire,” he wrote in response to Lynch’s clip from Monday night.

Will we see more fireworks between Bayley and The Man after the recent carnage?

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