Battle Bands Age Rating, Parents Guide, Reviews

Battle Bands Age Rating, Parents Guide, Reviews: Battle band and take on the world in this battle of the bands deckbuilding card game set in the fantasy land of Riff City. Play with friends or the AI in competitive real-time tournaments or conquer offbeat bosses in a coop campaign. Wits and sick riffs are key to becoming a rock legend.

Battle Bands Age Rating

Manufacturer recommended age is 6 – 15 years

Battle Bands Parents Guide

Parents should know that Battle Bands is a cooperative deck-building strategy game available for download on Windows PCs. The game controls a touring rock band on the battle of the band circuit, where each musician uses a deck of cards representing their contributions to a song. You can take your band on the road in random co-op campaigns or participate in online 64-band tournaments. The game mechanics will be familiar to fans of the genre, but the advanced tactics may be difficult for younger players to figure out on their own. There is nothing inappropriate about the game’s content, although players can spend real money on cosmetic items for their musicians.

Battle Bands Reviews

From the moment I saw the title, Battle Bands offered a very interesting combination. Deckbuilders are one of my favorite genres of games and building and using decks to appeal to the music geek in me. The premise of the game is simple; Work with three other bandmates to create the ultimate hype machine and rock and roll your way to victory. There are currently only two modes in the game, Tour Mode and Royal Mode, but both show great promise for the future of Battle Bands.

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