BAFTA Breakthroughs 2022 for U.S., U.K. Announced – The Hollywood Reporter

The British Academy has unveiled the latest crop of US and UK participants taking part in its annual Breakthrough programme, which aims to support emerging talent across film, TV and video games.

The 32-strong list of names – 20 from the UK and 12 from the US – features an impressive array of creatives. No Breakout Brandon Perea and Sex education Director Runyararo Mapfumo was selected by an international jury that included Oscar-winning actress Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Rami Co-creator Ari Catcher and Swan song And Alex Ryder Actress Nyasha Hatendi.

Backed by Netflix for the past two years (the UK streamer’s head Fiona Lampte is also on the jury), the BAFTA Breakthrough program launched in the UK in 2013 before expanding to China in 2019 and the US and India in 2020. Each batch will see participants receive tailor-made development support from training to mentoring to networking opportunities. Previous breakthroughs, such as Florence Pugh and Letitia Wright, included last year’s crop This is a sin Star Lydia West and Censor Directed by Prano Bailey-Bond.

The full 2022/2023 list of BAFTA Breakthroughs is as follows:

UK advances

  • Alex Thomas, Director – Yorkshire Cop: The Police, Racism and Me (TV)
  • Alix Jones, Conversation Editor – Eldon Ring (games)
  • Ambika Mod, Performer – This is going to hurt (TV)
  • Chloe Fairweather, Director – Dying to divorce (film)
  • Diana Olifirova, Cinematographer – cardiac arrest (TV)
  • Emily Brown, Lead Designer – Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (games)
  • Jack Rook, Writer/Executive Producer – big boys (TV)
  • Jamal Green, Composer – TOEM (games)
  • Joanna Boateng, Producer – rebellion (TV)
  • Leon Harrop, Performer – Ralph and Katie (TV)
  • Marley Morrison, Writer/Director – darling (film)
  • Morag Taylor, Principal Technical Artist – Total War: Warhammer 3 (games)
  • Nell Barlow, Performer – darling (film)
  • Nicole Leckie, Writer/Executive Producer/Actor – the mood (TV)
  • Paul Sng, Director – Polystyrene: I’m a cliché (film)
  • Rose Ayling-Ellis, Performer – Easters (TV)
  • Runyararo Mapfumo, Director – Sex education (TV)
  • Sophie Cunningham, Director – Look away (TV)
  • Theo Williams, Director – Terms and conditions: Deeper than drill (TV)
  • Zachary Soares and Luciana Nascimento, Co-Founders, Creative Director and Artistic Director – Moonglow Bay (games)

US advances

  • Alex Pritz, Director – area (Film, Documentary)
  • Amrit Kaur, Performer – Sex life of college girls (TV)
  • Brandon Perea, Performer – No (film)
  • Charlotte Hornsby, Cinematographer – Master (film)
  • Claire Knight, Director – Back to Outback (film)
  • Daphne Kin Wu, Photographer – Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (film)
  • Ellie Foumby, Director/Writer – Our father, the devil (film)
  • Megan Fox, Founder/Games Programmer – Skateboard (games)
  • Melissa Adeyemo, Producer – IMOFE (film)
  • Rebecca Hunt, Director – no need (Film, Documentary)
  • Robert Owen Rusley, Composer – Test pattern (film)
  • So Eun Um, the director – Liquor store dreams (Film, Documentary)

“It’s fantastic to see the breadth and depth of talent represented across film, games and television,” said BAFTA CEO Jane Millichip. “It’s BAFTA’s core philosophy to provide networks and mentorship to accelerate the careers of not just startups, but those already on their creative journey, and we’re impressed by the skill and commitment already demonstrated by this year’s cohort.”

Matthew Wiseman, Executive Director and Head of BAFTA North America added: “Breakthrough spotlights extraordinary people doing extraordinary things in the fields of film, games and TV, at ‘breakthrough’ moments or at the threshold of career trajectories. I am particularly proud of the US cohort, who are movers and shakers at heart, eager to build on their success and BAFTA will nurture them in the coming year.

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