Backstage footage of Brock Lesnar letting Jake Paul know what he thinks of him

Usually the king of confidence and controversy, a rare healthy moment Jake Paul Talking with Brock Lesnar Appeared online yesterday.

The clip is taken from a conversation a while back wrestlingJake Paul made a shocking appearance at the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

Jake’s brother at the evening’s main event Logan were fighting against Roman Dominion for WWE Universal belt, despite only recently starting his career.

During the event, Logan put up a phenomenal fight and provided fans with some new iconic moments, but he ultimately came up short. This meant that Reigns went on an 800 day streak of being undefeated.

At the event, Jake Paul was also part of another iconic moment when The Problem Child entered the arena to his own song ‘It’s Everyday Bro’ and took out The Usos in support of his brother and his entourage.

Jake Paul in WWE

Logan’s team looked down and out for a minute, until his brother Jake came to his aid and delivered a couple of heavy blows to The Usos to help give his brother another chance.

Despite the constant war of words with Andrew Tate and the like Tommy Fury And with his desire to seemingly travel the entire world, even Jake Paul isn’t immune to the occasional wholesome moment.

Jake Paul and Brock Lesnar backstage footage

In footage collected before the Crown Jewel event, Jake meets wrestling legend Brock Lesnar, showing a rare human side to the fighter-turned-YouTuber.

In the clip, The Beast asks Jake if he’s excited, to which he says ‘a bit nervous’.

This was later followed by Lesnar telling Jake, ‘I’m proud of you guys, I’m proud of you’, talking about the impact the two brothers have been making recently.

Video: Jake Paul and Brock Lesnar chatting at the Crown Jewel

Although it was only a short clip, Lesnar was very sincere in his words and you could see that he had some serious respect for Pauls.

In response to the clip, Twitter praised Lesnar for his kind words, with many believing it to be a part of The Beast that he can only really show off-camera.

Outside the ring, the wrestling icon seems to be a humble and down-to-earth person, especially if he has something nice to say to Jake, the internet’s favorite to hate over the last couple of years.

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