‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast — James Gray (‘Armageddon Time’) – The Hollywood Reporter

James GrayGuest in this episode The Hollywood Reporterof Talk of awards podcast, by a New York-born, LA-based filmmaker who explains Los Angeles Times “Unusual, a director who has carved out a career on his own terms.” The New York Times “Accidental Maverick: An Unrepentant Conservative in a Business That Values ​​Innovation and Shtick” and from a French newspaper Le Monde “One of the greatest American directors of our time.”

He has written or co-written and directed eight films in the past 28 years: 1994’s Little Odessa2000 The Yardsof 2007 The night is oursof 2008 Two loversof 2013 an immigrantof 2016 The Lost City of Zof 2019 Advertisement Astra And this year Armageddon time – All had their world premiere at one of the world’s elite film festivals (five in Cannes, two in Venice and one in New York).

During our conversation at Gray’s home in Los Angeles, the 53-year-old reflected on the turmoil at home in New York while moving to LA to attend film school and then, aged just 23, to make her widely acclaimed first feature; Challenges he faced in the indies including many run-ins Harvey Weinstein, and in studio films, including a film adaptation of him; Why has he returned to New York’s outer boroughs in his films and to themes of immigrants, social class, and his own family, most recently? Armageddon time; Plus more.

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