Asuka & Io Sky’s viral promo translated into English

Monday night Raw This week was exceptional again Triple H Bookings continue to impress across all territories across all shows, WWE It’s really going from strength to strength at the moment and we’re here for it.

Asuka And Io enjoyed an incredible promo together on Sky Raw, with them really going at each other, but with a significant twist.

They shouted at each other in their native Japanese and didn’t hold back, leaving many fans wondering what was actually said during the promo.

WWE WarGames challenge accepted

Damage CTRL accepted a challenge for a match at WarGames during a promo Bianca BellaireAlexa Bliss and Asuka are challenging the trio through the table.

It was here that the two Japanese fighters went verbally at each other, although we had no idea what was said, and the other parts of the trio did not know from the looks of it that they promoted their fellows. Superstars before the fight begins between the six.

Nikki Cross then got involved in helping CTRL damage, ambushing Superstar Bianca Bellaire to resume the fight.

Video: Full promo between Damage CTRL, Bianca Bellaire, Alexa Bliss, Asuka and Nikki Cross

Thankfully, the Japanese speaking portion of the promo has now added subtitles in English and we know what was said during the incredible promo.

Here is a transcript of what was said:

Asuka: Is that so? You can’t beat us with real strength! Fools!

Io Skye: You know, you always say what you want. How do you admit you’ve lost?

Asuka: Oh! Oh! Japanese, is it? can you speak japanese

Io Skye: Of course I can! Obviously I can speak Japanese! Didn’t you know that?

Asuka WWE Royal Rumble

Asuka: Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Io Skye: Don’t encourage me! That’s all I’m going to say!

Asuka: Oh, are you stupid? What did the fool say? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Woooooo!

Io Skye: B***h

Video: Asuka and Ao Skye’s rant during the promo translated into English

It’s understandable why the two’s heated argument led to a brawl, with their teams helping them out and jumping when punches were first thrown.

If Monday night is anything to go by, WarGames is going to be a phenomenal night later this month, especially when these six superstars hit the ring.

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