Army Of The Dead Age Rating, Parents Guide, Reviews, and More

Army Of The Dead Age Rating

It is rated R18+ for high impact horror violence, blood and gore

Army Of The Dead Parents Guide

Army of the Dead has an official age rating of R. This means that technically anyone under the age of 17 must have a parent or guardian present while watching.

Army Of The Dead Reviews

Not my usual type of picture but to be honest it really surprised me!

Of course being a fan of Zack Snyder his name alone drew me to watch this film.
I’d say one of Snyder’s best movies to be honest!
Also one of the best films of the year so far in my opinion!
His directing style is all over this film and I love it!
It’s nice to see a studio like Netflix giving them full creative control.
It really shows how good a movie can be when a studio lets it.
(Note Warner Bros.)

Dave Bautista is the best part of the film in my opinion.
To be honest I’d say his was the best performance I’ve ever seen from him!
He proves that he can indeed act and play highly emotionally driven characters.
I really liked Ella Purnell, who plays his daughter, who everyone hates for some reason.
I thought she had great chemistry with Bautista.
She plays a likable character in my opinion and the only character in the film who is not motivated by money!
I really like the German safecracker guy; Dieter, as well as Omari Hardwick as Vanderrohe and Chambers (played by stunt performer Samantha Winn).
Tig Notaro was also honest with me.
I found her to be really funny sometimes!
Garrett Dillahunt plays Slime!
I thought the zombies looked great and I loved how Snyder made them look different and unique to other zombies in movies like this!
Alphas, the queen, the hero who thinks he’s Zeus and a zombie tiger!!!!!!!
Very cool and interesting!
I really enjoyed the whole zombie mythology of the film!
The zombie action is very entertaining and the action sequences are a lot of fun!
This film also features one of the best opening credits I’ve seen in years!!!!
Every character has their moment in this movie!
To be honest I liked more or less every character!
While I really enjoyed the movie and found it surprisingly fast-paced, I felt it was unnecessarily long…
But then again, this is a Zack Snyder film!!!!!

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