10 highest rated episodes of Raw ever

Monday Night Raw is the main show WWE And since its inaugural issue in January 1993.

The show is the longest-running weekly episodic program in television history, with over 1500 episodes to date, and has played host to some of the biggest moments in WWE history.

At one point during the Attitude Era, Raw was regularly the most-watched show on cable TV in the US, a sign of wrestling’s mainstream appeal during this period.

But which episodes of Raw had the most viewers? With the sentences above, it’s a little surprising that they all took place during the show’s heyday, but perhaps a little shocking that 1999 and 2000 comprise the entire list, considering WCW was still in business at this point.

Let’s see anyway. GiveMeSport Runs you through the 10 highest rated episodes of Raw…

10. June 7Th1999 – 6.65

Vince McMahon

This summer’s opening episode is best remembered for the biggest, if not the biggest, illogical revelations and twists in WWE history. The Undertaker emerged as a “higher power”. Vince McMahonHe had been terrorized by The Deadman in the previous months.

“It’s me Austin, it’s me all along” is a great moment but makes no sense. This led to the actual creation of a corporate ministry and the naming of Vince’s wife, Linda Stone Cold, as the new CEO, however. An episode of Your Typical Attitude Era.

9. June 28Th1999 – 6.8

Just three weeks later and another monstrous number was pulled off the back of the King of the Ring PPV. The PPV saw Vince and Shane win back control of the WWE and make Billy Gunn the King, but it didn’t do much for “Bad ass.”

Raw began with Stone Cold being fired but returned with a new contract and closed the show as the new WWE Champion, defeating The Undertaker in the main event. It’s chaotic.

8. September 27Th1999 – 6.8

This episode is best remembered for the “This Is Your Life” segment Stone is rock and Mick Foley, one of the highest-rated divisions in WWE history. It had nothing to do with wrestling, that told you everything about the times.

A WWE Title match between new champion Triple H and Brahma Bull took place but ended in a no contest after Stone Cold and the British Bulldog got involved, leading to an all-out brawl.

7. July 24Th2000 – 6.9

WWE had distanced itself from WCW by the 2000s, a one-time “war” that had lost all sense of rivalry. The episode took place the night after the Fully Loaded PPV, where The Rock successfully defended his WWE Championship against Chris Benoit.

The two men battled in the main event here alongside Kurt Angle Benoit and Kane The Rock. Not much happened here, the show was just red-hot TV at the time.

6. April 24Th2000 – 7.1

It was the go-home episode prior to Backlash and, as such, saw a tag match between WWE Champion Triple H and Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit against their respective PPV opponents, The Rock and Chris Jericho. The heel champions were victorious.

The main talking point of the show was Chris Jericho once again making obscene insults to Stephanie McMahon in a segment that may not air in 2022.

5. May 22n.d2000 – 7.1


The show was hot on the heels of Judgment Day, in which Triple H defeated The Rock in a 60-minute Ironman match and The Undertaker returned as “American Badass” but inadvertently cost Rocky his WWE Championship.

The Rock took the fall as The Rock took out members of DX before finally meeting The Game in the ring. The Undertaker made the save again as the McMahon-Helmsley faction gained the numbers advantage.

4. July 26Th1999 – 7.1

Like many episodes on this list, it took place the night after it was fully loaded and fans wanted to see what happened next. Vince McMahon’s ally The Undertaker was booted from TV after losing to Stone Cold the night before. He soon returned as a babyface, a fast-paced hit on WWE TV during this period.

Triple H and The Rock did battle again, with The Game becoming the No.1 contender and beginning his ascension to main event status.

3. May 24Th1999 – 7.15

Very high rating as a result of very sad events. The night before at Fully Loaded, Owen Hart died after his support broke and he fell from a height into the ring. He was working under the Blue Blazer gimmick which included “flying”. to the ring.

Because of this, all storylines were put on hold with the wrestlers wanting to work on a wrestling show in honor of their friend and colleague. Between matches, tributes were paid to the most beloved WWE legend.

2. May 1St2000 – 7.4

Stone is rock
Stone is rock

A night that summed up the sorry state of WCW at the time compared to the company they once beat for 83 consecutive weeks. Actor David Arquette became the WCW Champion on a show that only had a 2.5 rating.

Three times the number of fans came close to seeing The Rock successfully defend his WWE title inside the steel cage against Shane O’Mac.

1. May 10Th1999 – 8.1

The highest-rated episode of Raw and any WWE TV episode of all time came in part because WCW Nitro didn’t air that night. All wrestling fans tuned in to see one of the most stacked main events in history.

As mentioned at the top of the list, Vince feuded with The Undertaker in April and May 1999 and teamed up with rivals Stone Cold and The Rock to face his son Shane, Triple H and of course The Phenom in the main event. .

It was during the Monday Night Wars that WWE started getting clear and never looked back.

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