10 highest rated episodes ever of Smackdown

SmackDown is a permanent fixture WWE TV from its debut episode in 1999.

The show was created as a result of the boom period the company was experiencing as the Attitude Era and Monday Night Wars made wrestling incredibly popular and mainstream.

Unlike Raw, SmackDown hasn’t had a nightly show, taped or live, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at various points in the last 23 years. It currently airs as a live show on Fridays and is currently WWE’s No.1 event.

But which episodes are watched the most by TV audiences? With the sentences above, it’s a little surprising that all of these took place during the show’s heyday, but perhaps a little more shocking that 1999 and 2000 comprise the entire list.

Keeping this in mind, GiveMeSport Taking you through the 10 highest rated episodes of SmackDown…

10. March 30Th2000 – 5.3

Triple H

The final episode before WrestleMania 2000 featured a four-man corner with McMahon, champion Triple HThe Rock, The Big Show and Mick Foley.

The Rock faced Kurt Angle the night before Stephanie McMahon’s first match in which she won the Women’s Title from Jacqueline with help from DX. A mass brawl then ended with Triple H and his wife, now dual champions, standing tall.

9. September 2n.d1999 – 5.3

On the second regular season episode of SmackDown, Triple H defended his WWE Championship against Gillberg, WCW’s parody version of Goldberg. Game, Chyna and acting-CEO Shane McMahon then intervened in the match between the No.1 contenders. Stone is rock And Foley.

Linda then announced a tag match between her son and her future son-in-law and Rock ‘n’ Sock connection for the main event, which was won by the Babyface Super Team.

8. April 27Th2000 – 5.4

The final show leading up to Backlash was a WWE title match between Triple H and The Rock, and featured Stone Cold, who had been out of action since November 1999.

In this episode Austin is tormenting The Game, DX and his old nemesis Vince. It was here that McMahon’s Corvette was filled with concrete and the DX bus was famously blown up.

7. January 20Th2000 – 5.4

Mick Foley
Mick Foley

With the Royal Rumble just three days away, the Triple H-Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) build-up is in full swing ahead of their street fight for the title. Jack closes the show by piledriving the champion through the announcers’ table, leaving him a bloody mess.

As for the Rumble, it was promoted by the first-ever triple threat lumberjack match between The Rock, The Big Show and Kane. Inventor.

6. January 27Th2000 – 5.7

After the same Rumble, the road to SmackDown WrestleMania begins to take shape. The Rock won the match but Show claimed that he was the real winner because Rock’s feet hit the floor first. After the main event with Rikishi, his heel turn continues with Rocky beating him.

Another heel turn takes place when Torey turns his back on Kane and teams up with the X-Pac as DX, and the McMahon-Helmsley faction goes from strength to strength.

5. September 30Th1999 – 5.7

More Triple H and Rock antics here – they really dominated the company from late 1999 to 2000. In his second reign as WWE Champion, The Game would face the British Bulldog in the main event, ending in no contest. Then he gets hit by rock bottom.

Not much happened here outside of the ongoing feud between Chyna and Jeff Jarrett. WWE was on fire at the time, and every episode drew mega numbers.

4. August 26Th1999 – 5.7


The first regular episode of SmackDown (as you’ll find out later) is as perfectly assembled as you’d expect. Triple H had won the WWE Championship from Mankind (Mick Foley) on a previous edition of Raw, but wanted to defend his title against The Rock.

Shawn Michaels, then the WWE Commissioner, re-teamed with his DX brother and hit Rocky with some sweet chin music to seal the win. A triple threat tag title match took place between Undertaker and Big Show, Kane and X-Pac and The Acolytes (APA). Stephanie McMahon said yes to Test’s marriage proposal, which of course worked out well…

3. January 6Th2000 – 5.8

More on the subject of Triple H being the champion – he was in career form during this period. She won her third WWE title on that week’s episode of Raw as her alliance with Stephanie began to gain momentum.

However, he was forced to take Rikishi on the line later that night with his belt. Game ended the match and retained his reign by blasting Samoan with a steel chair for a DQ loss. On the other end, The Rock lost his undefeated streak to Kurt Angle in a No DQ match.

2. December 30Th1999 – 5.8

On the final episode of WWE TV before the millennium, The Rock held off any holds against Kane, and Chyna and Chris Jericho became co-Intercontinental Champions in an interesting angle.

Big Show faced X-Pac in the main event, with the latter on the contract line. Of course, it was a swerve as Triple H and the DX members inserted themselves into the match, as the new WWE Authority flexed their muscles.

1. April 28Th1999 – 5.8

Corporate Ministry
Corporate Ministry

A pilot episode of SmackDown, a trial if you will, ran five months before it became a weekly show. It came right slap bang in the middle of the Corporation and Ministry of Darkness storyline, as the two teamed up under the leadership of Undertaker and Shane O’Mac.

The main event was a humdinger, with The Rock and Stone Cold teaming up to face Taker and fellow Ministry member Triple H in a big-time tag match. Vince made his presence felt, clocking his son with a shot from Taker before taking him out. The inaugural edition of SmackDown ended with Shane eating a stunner courtesy of a Texas rattlesnake. A strong start.

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